Phascolarctos cinereus

Organism Details
Common Name koala
Genus Phascolarctos
Species cinereus
Abbreviation P. cinereus
The koala is a native tree-dwelling Australian marsupial that is one of the world’s most charismatic and iconic mammals. Not only is the koala synonymous with ‘Australia’ it is also a powerful international symbol for the preservation and conservation of our natural world.

Wild koalas are currently found in eucalypt forest and woodlands across eastern Australia (Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and southeastern South Australia). Their unique and highly specific diet of eucalyptus (gum) tree leaves, has resulted in koalas being especially vulnerable to habitat loss due to the clearing of native vegetation for agriculture and urban development.

They are also deleteriously impacted by habitat fragmentation which results in small isolated populations that continually lose genetic diversity and are vulnerable to extinction. Koalas are also threatened by predation by wild and domestic dogs, collisions with cars and diseases, particularly Chlamydia and koala retrovirus.

The Australian Federal government lists koala populations in Queensland, New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory as ‘Vulnerable’ under national environment law.

Data Type Summary
The following data types are currently present for this organism
Feature Type Count
polypeptide 250,358
mRNA 189,990
cdhit_cluster 78,208
Feature Browser
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Feature Name Unique Name Type
Locus_10001_Transcript_14/14_Confidence_0.235_Length_2256 Locus_10001_Transcript_14/14_Confidence_0.235_Length_2256 mRNA
Locus_10001_Transcript_2/14_Confidence_0.037_Length_784 Locus_10001_Transcript_2/14_Confidence_0.037_Length_784 mRNA
Locus_10001_Transcript_3/14_Confidence_0.062_Length_901 Locus_10001_Transcript_3/14_Confidence_0.062_Length_901 mRNA
Locus_10001_Transcript_4/14_Confidence_0.049_Length_1316 Locus_10001_Transcript_4/14_Confidence_0.049_Length_1316 mRNA
Locus_10001_Transcript_5/14_Confidence_0.012_Length_414 Locus_10001_Transcript_5/14_Confidence_0.012_Length_414 mRNA
Locus_10001_Transcript_6/14_Confidence_0.012_Length_978 Locus_10001_Transcript_6/14_Confidence_0.012_Length_978 mRNA
Locus_10001_Transcript_7/14_Confidence_0.543_Length_1398 Locus_10001_Transcript_7/14_Confidence_0.543_Length_1398 mRNA
Locus_10001_Transcript_8/14_Confidence_0.049_Length_2192 Locus_10001_Transcript_8/14_Confidence_0.049_Length_2192 mRNA
Locus_10001_Transcript_9/14_Confidence_0.025_Length_549 Locus_10001_Transcript_9/14_Confidence_0.025_Length_549 mRNA
Locus_100020_Transcript_1/1_Confidence_0.000_Length_425 Locus_100020_Transcript_1/1_Confidence_0.000_Length_425 mRNA